Investing Strategies For Today’s Market

Is investing in today’s stock market a frightening thought? Why not consider investing in real estate?

With most of the media focusing on the “great depression” and the “market’s volatility” it’s hard to remember that “all real estate is local.” Falling prices can bring real opportunities and now may be the time for you to consider investing in real estate.

Selecting an investment strategy that works best with your own strengths and goals is key. Have you ever considered any the following real estate investment strategies?

Creative Acquisition: You will need money – or – partner up with someone that has some. Creative Acquisition answers the question: How can I get this deal done? Some people have said that this is the REAL real estate acquisition strategy.

Joint Venture: Build a team. Make sure each team member brings something to the table. Money. Credit. Confidence. Resources. People Skills. It’s all good. This strategy proves the power of leverage.

Lease Option: This strategy combines two elements: (1) a lease which gives the rights to reside in the property and (2) an option to buy that property at a later date. You’d better know what you are doing and your individual state laws when structuring a Lease Option deal!

Master Lease: A good master lease example is if you lease an office building from an owner and then sublease individual units to tenants. The lease between you, the investor, and the property owner is called the Master Lease. You will not necessarily need lots of money or credit, but you’d better be good at negotiating and understanding complex contracts!

Subject To: Using this strategy, an investor purchases a property “subject to” the current owner’s financing staying in place. As some have said, “You get the deed, but you don’t get the debt.” Do you have bad credit? It’s not a problem when using this strategy! This one is my personal favorite.

The objective is to match your strengths and goals to the strategies you decide to use!
Happy Investing!

Judith Dudley

Judith Dudley

President, Alternative Sources, Inc.